ACH vs. Garza Jr. (AAW Killers Among Us- June 17, 2017)

ach garza.jpg

ACH lost a heavyweight title match against Sami Callihan, so it’s natural he gets shunted to the opener against a debuting wrestler. AAW continues to expand it’s reach into Lucha by booking Garza Jr.  Garza is in a faction with Penta El M Zero in other companies. Garza makes quite the show of taking his pants off. We get some bull chasing spots, but that’s just giving Garza a chance to superkick ACH. This develops into a  light but solidly worked opener. Garza Jr. is a guy who certainly should be brought in given very few places are booking him, and AAW has had a great deal of success with booking other Luchadores. I love that AAW has such a diverse roster right now. Garza breaks out a chair. It’s a no DQ fed. Why not? Dropkick as ACH is seated. Good opening to the show as Garza Jr. showed some solid offense without emptying it all out on his first opportunity.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH/***


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