Keith Lee vs. Trevor Lee (PWG Head Like a Cole- May 19, 2017)

lee lee.jpg

I’d argue this is not just a match between the Lees but between the breakout star of 2017 versus one of the biggest underperformers in 2017. Refer to previous reviews to see which is which. Trevor tries to convince Keith to come to TNA with him. So dumb. Lee’s TNA heel schtick just doesn’t work. It comes off low rent and in no way matches up with Trevor’s best offense. Keith uses his power until Trevor heads outside and uses the positioning in combination with his speed to get the advantage. Trevor turns his attention to the left arm. Keith comes back with his power offense. Trevor comes off the ropes with a mushroom stomp. Lee almost gets three on a counter. Spinebuster followed by a pounce. Trevor puts his foot on the bottom rope. Keith goes for the moonsault. Middle rope mooonsault misses. Trevor hits the powerslam and the bell rings. Small package driver also only gets two. Series of strikes and kicks from Trevor. Spirit Bomb gets three.

Typical lazy Trevor Lee effort. The guy is easily one of the biggest disappointments in all of wrestling right now. Honestly, companies like PWG and AAW are much better off looking elsewhere. There are way too many young talents desperate and hungry to get on these shows for Trevor Lee to continue being able to sleep walk his way through important matches like this. If this match didn’t reinforce this point, then his latest in AAW will certainly do that. Not sure whether it’s because of his opponents but none of Keith Lee’s PWG matches have been stellar either. Typical of PWG, this went way too long and could have easily had five minutes shaved off. The right person absolutely won this match.

Winner (s)/Rating: Keith Lee/**1/2


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