Mark Haskins vs. Lio Rush(PWG Head Like a Cole- May 19, 2017)

haskins rush.jpg

Rush has had some interesting outings thus far while Haskins missed the April show due to injury. Haskins keeps things on the mat to start. Both men show off their quickness. Rush hits an asai moonsault off the bottom rope. Did not see that coming. Rush screws around too much and gets dived on. Serves him right. Haskins goes into wear down mode. Nice strike exchange ends with a sitdown acecrusher. Rush teases a dive and then just leaps underneath the middle rope for a lope suicida. Series of counters ends with Haskins grabbing an armbar. Rush gets to the ropes quickly. DVD on the apron by Haskins. He rolls into a death valley bomb and gets two. Haskins rolls through again but Rush comes back. Superkicks by Haskins. Rush Hour connects. Frog splash gets three!

Haskins is a guy you don’t have to worry about goofing around or doing WWE cosplay. After what happened with Rush last month, I was relieved that this was a much more serious match. The dichotomy worked out well as Haskins style has only become more solid. I love that he’s able to be a technical wizard while also keeping a fast pace. Rush’s strength is quickness combined with being a babyface underdog. With Rush winning this outing, you have to imagine some kind of push is forthcoming, perhaps a world title shot or deep BOLA run.

Winner (s)/Rating: Lio Rush/***1/2


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