Mat Fitchett vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (AAW Killers Among Us- June 17, 2017)

sabre fitchett.jpg

Similar to the Drew Gulak match which took place over a year ago, this is a chance for Fitchett to stretch himself and wrestle one of the best in the world and separate himself a bit from the rest of the Besties. The problem with having ten matches on the card and this being the fourth match on it is nothing except the main event is really going to get significant time.  We see much more of the aggressive Sabre as opposed to the technical wizard. He doesn’t play as clear a heel like he does in PWG but definitely vears toward that in helping to get Fitchett as a potential singles babyface. Sabre twists Fitchett around in various submissions and many of these moves look fairly twisty and nasty. Fitchett hits a cross body and superkick to start his comeback. Rana off the middle rope on Sabre. Sabre hits a PK for two. Fitchett gets a backslide for two. That’s about the closest it seemed like Fitchett had a chance to win. Triangle choke and Fitchett taps.

I never bought for a second that Fitchett had a chance in this one, and it hurt the match quality for me a lot.  Some good back and forth but in the end this didn’t seem to really get into that third gear that was needed to make this into the classic Gulak versus Fitchett was.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./***


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