PWG World Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (champion) vs. Trent Baretta (PWG Head Like a Cole- May 19, 2017)

sabre trent.jpg

Baretta earned a title shot by virtue of defeating Sabre in the main event of the March show. He is also defending the honor of his best friend, Chuck Taylor who is not in the building. Sabre goes for strikes top begin. Baretta nearly hits a piledriver as he did to win the match back in March. Brawl heads outside. Sabre focues on the left arm as the crowd boos. Nice to see someone get genuine heel heat but it’s weird that it seems to only be the PWG champion. Sabre actually gets into with some of the fans as he continues to dominate. Baretta gets some hope spots, but this is very surgical and precision based match as Sabre moves away from the arm work to focus on Baretta’s leg. Baretta goes for the piledriver, but Sabre locks in the tiger suplex. Penalty Kick. Kneebar. Baretta gets to the ropes. Dragon screw leg whip. Baretta hits the piledriver on the apron, but since he can’t get into the ring in time, there’s no chance for him to get a repeat win as of yet. Baretta nearly gets three on a roll-up attempt. Flurry of offense. Cradle piledriver but Sabre kicks out. Sabre goes from a triangle choke into a kneebar. Baretta bridges back and gets a nearfall. That was amazing. European Clutch gets two. Crunchie but no cover. Baretta holds his knee. Cover for two. Second Crunchie but Sabre grabs his knee and folds it back. He drives the knees into the mat, and Baretta taps. Great finish to an excellent match.

This was easily the best match of the show because of the heat involved and the story being told. Sabre is not only a technical wizard but has no problem working multiple body parts and getting into it with fans. He’s able to get a lot of heat without resorting to cheap heat tactics.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL PWG World Champion-Zack Sabre Jr./****


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