PWG World Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Bros. (Penta and Fenix) (champions) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) (PWG Head Like a Cole- May 19, 2017)

lucha bros young bucks.jpg

Given Penta and Fenix did not outright win the championships from the Bucks, it makes sense for this rematch to take place. Let’s summarize a five minute promo segment in once sentence and say this becomes a tornado match. Both teams look to start the superkick party early, but the Bucks combine and send the champions out of the ring. Series of dives by both teams. I’m glad they abandoned the traditional tag team rules since the legal man is never enforced anyway. It’s shocking how popular the Bucks have become again in Reseda. You’d think they were the babyfaces. If you like seeing a series of spots, then this will be the match for you. We even get both teams accidentally hitting Destroyers on their own partners. Superkick party commences. All four men collapse. Series of apron spots next. More superkicks. Fenix hits a dive as Penta hits a package piledriver on the apron. A second one on Nick back in the ring gets two. Double stomp into the package piledriver. Penta covers and finally gets three.

If you like car crash type matches, then this is for you. I can’t this was boring, but I feel as though I’m over the Bucks schtick at this point until they get to WWE. I respect their business acumen and what they’ve been able to do merchandise wise. Honestly, a lot of other indie wrestlers should look at what they’re doing and take notes. They’ve created a very powerful brand. However, when you’ve been around for over 10 years as they have, it’s hard to really to keep things fresh. I’m glad they continue to make money and earn a living to support their familes, but until they go to WWE, I’m not sure we’re going to see them truly elevate themselves as talents.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL PWG World Tag Team Champions-Lucha Bros./**3/4

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