JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2017 First Round: Joey Janela vs. Laredo Kid( AIW 2017 JT Lightning Invitational Night 1- May 26, 2017)

janela kid.jpg

Both men have been impressive across the indies this year, and this has the potential to be the best match of the first round. They grapple to start as opposed to going to the high flying. They keep things even. Janela takes advantage with a cheap kick to the midsection. Savat kick sends Kid to outside. A second sends him into the guardrail. Tope suicida connects. Laredo hits a body press. Cross body to the outside. That was pretty nuts. Even more nuts is when Janela hits a DVD on the apron. Even more nuts then that is Kid hitting a cross body to Janela, who was in the crowd. 450 connects for two. Kid hits a Michinoku driver but no cover as he heads to the top rope and misses a Phoenix Splash. Janela hits an implant DDT. Moonsault misses. Kid hits an acecrusher but a terrible cover leads to an easy Janela kickout. Kid misses a coast-to-coast dropkick and appears to land hard on his back. Double stomp and Janela finally gets the victory.

This was definitely the best match thus far as they got time to develop this into a series of  increasingly insane moves. They escalated things in a logical finish and delivered on the kind of match you’d expect from these two. Solid outing.

Winner (s)/Rating: Joey Janela/***1/4

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