JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2017 First Round: Matt Cross vs. Super Crazy (AIW 2017 JT Lightning Invitational Night 1- May 26, 2017)

cross crazy.jpg

AIW has certainly created its fair share of interesting match-ups in this tournament. Pace picks up early as this develops into one of the more intense battle of the evening. Crazy even gets into it with Cross’s grandmother. You’ve gotta give credit to Crazy for breaking out some high flying moves and giving it his all. Cross recently came back from a bad knee injury but also looked pretty strong. Crazy lifts his legs on a split-legged moonsault attempt. Double clothesline. Over the top suplex by Crazy. Cross hits a springboard acecrusher and gets a nearfall. Crazy hits a series of moonsaults but misses the third. Roll-up on Cross gets three.

Yet another match with a roll-up finish. I enjoyed this as much as Laredo Kid and Joey Janela. Crazy gave it a great effort and there was some good back and forth.

Winner (s)/Rating: Matt Cross/***1/4


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