AIW Tag Team Championship: To Infinity & Beyond (Colin Delaney and Cheech) vs. The Young Studs (Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly) (AIW 2017 JT Lightning Invitational Night 2- May 27, 2017)

tag title match.jpg

The Young Studs recently came back into the AIW fold while To Infinity and Beyond have become fairly dominant tag team champions. Delaney tries running away early but ends up being double teamed by the challengers. Brawl extends to the outside. Delaney and Cheech isolate Beverly in their corner. Ryan ends up as the legal man but also worked over. Ryan hits a double stomp and makes the tag. Beverly with a series of moves on Cheech. He sends Delaney cannonballing into his own partner. Ryan comes back in but id DDT’d on the apron by Delaney. Ryan recovers and sends Delaney off the top rope. Brainbuster by Beverly feeds into a tiger driver by Ryan. Delaney breaks the count. Ryan dives and misses. Cheech goes low and they botch their finisher before hitting the assisted vertebreaker.

Pretty sleepy and perfunctory tag team match. Can’t say I was impressed by either team’s effort. Cheech and Delaney’s strengths come as an underdog babyfaces and not as heels. If these teams had switched roles, this probably would have been a much better match. This was yet another match with a cheap and ugly finish.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL AIW Tag Team Champions- To Infinity and Beyond/*


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