JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2017 Final: Shawn Shultz vs. Tracy Williams vs. Joey Janela (AIW 2017 JT Lightning Invitational Night 2- May 27, 2017)

images (2).jpg

This was ten minutes and probably would have been better if it were just Janela and Williams because Shultz’s performances in each of his matches didn’t exactly wow me. Janela and Williams go back and forth as Shultz hangs outside of the ring. Shultz takes advantage of Janela tombstoning Williams. Williams hits a brainbuster on Shultz. Janela comes in with a double stomp. Alex Daniels comes out and is restrained by the students. Janela dives on top of them. Shultz rolls Janela up and holds the tights for three. Holy shit what a lazy and uninspired end to the fall. Williams and Shultz exchange strikes. Shultz eye pokes Williams before connecting on a reverse DDT. He gets only two. Piledriver countered into a back drop. Eye poke misses and he distracts the official. ANOTHER LOW BLOW. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Williams kicks out of the roll-up and locks in the crossface for the win.

If Williams had wrestled Janela, I can imagine that being a compelling final. This was a clichéd three way with two guys wrestling in the ring while a third person generally stayed on the outside. The fact that Shultz was in the most boring parts of the match were no surprise. If you’re going to build someone’s whole gimmick around the eye gouge, then he better be able to deliver in the ring, and he really didn’t show me a great deal. He reminds me of Mike Bennett in that he’s not bad but also not a compelling in-ring performer. It’s nice that AIW tries to have storytelling, but the finishes were absolutely terrible this entire weekend. On the plus side, Tracy Williams is the right choice to win because he’s almost at a stage where he’s underrated despite being a prominent part of Evolve and AIW. He was the clear MVP and I wish he had been allowed to be the ring general of the final.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tracy Williams/**

I do not forsee reviewing AIW for some time based on what I’ve seen.


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