JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2017 Semifinal: Colt Cabana vs. Matt Justice vs. Mordekai vs. Shawn Shultz (AIW 2017 JT Lightning Invitational Night 2- May 27, 2017)

four way number one.jpg

This was a random assortment of wrestlers. Cabana sells garlic like he’s a vampire. That about summarizes this match. Shultz is the only heel and cowers away from the two giants and Cabana. There’s a homophobic spot with Cabana being in a compromising position on Schultz. Let’s fast forward to the finish. Shultz eye pokes Mordekai and then covers Justice for three. Bad professional wrestling from bell-to-bell.

Winner (s)/Rating: Shawn Shultz/DUD

Matt Wadsworth suggested The Art of Wrestling  should be changed to Interview by a Vampire. That was an excellent line regardless of what Kingston said.


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