JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2017 Semifinal: Mike Tolar vs. Tracy Williams vs. Dominic Garrini vs. Tom Lawlor

four way number two.jpg

I certainly hope this is better than the opener. Garrini goes for a choke on Tolar early. For some reason, they’re observing more traditional tag team rules. Given the similarity of styles, it only makes sense that Lawlor and Garrini exchange holds as well. Ditto Williams and Lawlor. Williams and Lawlor engage in a nasty strike exchange. Exploder by Lawlor on Garrini. Tolar takes advantage of Lawlor being down with right hands. Nice series of moves by everyone involved as Tolat fits in as the shit disturber of the match. Given his skillset isn’t quite that of the other three, this makes sense. Garrini pulls Tolar out of the ring, and they end up costing each other a chance to win the whole tournament by brawling to the back. Hard forearm exchange between Williams and Lawlor. Lawlor locks in a guillotine choke, but Williams hits a brainbuster but only gets two. Doctor Bomb also gets two. Williams eventually hits a piledriver and gets three.

While I like the idea of the four way matches in theory because it means night two doesn’t end up with 13 or 14 matches, it’s hard for the wrestlers to get into a rhythm and tell a story. The opener was a disaster. This at least got into a nice rhythm and featured guys mostly taking turns going one-on-one. The similarity of styles also made a huge difference as well. The ending sequence between Williams and Lawlor was very good, and the brawl between Garrini and Tolar made sense as their story continued. Easily the best finish of the whole tournament.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tracy Williams/***1/2


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