The Elite [Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)(ROH World Tag Team Champions)] vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and The Addiction (Christopher Daniels [ROH World Champion] and Frankie Kazarian)(ROH War of the Worlds- Toronto-May 7, 2017)

bullet club

This is the third consecutive show with the Young Bucks and Addiction across the ring from each other. Omega and Tanahashi yell at each other a bit. Lots of early miscommunication with the Bullet Club. Announcers talk about the Bucks mentioning Daniels’s age. If it really meant that much, there’d be a lot more serious behavior from everyone involved. The crowd chants six stars at Omega, and I lose a lot of respect for the Toronto crowd. Bucks attack Tanahashi from behind and  they triple team him.  Elite clear the ring quickly. Nick hits a series of superkicks on Kazarian as Omega and Matt catch him and put him on the apron. Heat segment on Matt as I guess both teams are essentially wrestling as babyfaces at this point. Nick hits a nice series of offensive moves after getting the hot tag. Lots of moves as things break down. These flurries would mean so much more if they had been taking this seriously right from the start. High Fly Flo followed by a BME. Matt Jackson pulls out the official. Daniels almost implales himself on an Arabian moonsault. Tanahashi hits a High Fly Flo to the outside. The Bucks hit an Indytaker on Tanahashi on the floor! Omega brings in the ROH world title but his partner. Superkick takes out Sinclair. That’s two referees. Cody comes out and steals the belt from Daniels. Indytaker on Daniels. Omega hits One Winged Angel. So Kenny Omega pins the ROH world champion clean in the middle. What are the odds Omega actually wrestles Daniels in a singles match? This is another case of NJPW looking significantly stronger than ROH as NJPW won all but one (technically two but Briscoes pinned the Beer City Bruiser) match against ROH. It’s almost hilarious at this point to watch ROH bend over backwards.

People talk about Kenny Omega being an elite level worker and what he’s able to do. There’s no doubt he’s one of the most talented guys in the world. He’s got everything you could want in that he can fly, mat wrestle, and shows a ton of charisma. He’s got a Nakamura problem though in that he’s only going to give you the maximum effort 3-4 times a year and the rest of his time is going to be spent fucking around in six man tags with the Bucks and basically doing comedy every time out. I get that the fans really love this schtick, but it’s not fun to watch these guys have the same six man tag match every time out. The Elite DESPERATELY need to go to WWE because their talents are being wasted right now.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Elite/**

Both the world champion AND one of the number one contenders lost on this night to non-contenders for the title. The only person who won? Cody. That tells you everything you need to know about this relationship.





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